Laptop Keyboard Replacement


If your keyboard has suffered a meltdown or is repeatedly typing on its own then it’s probably time to change it. You might even have spilt a little coffee or wine over it and fear the worst.  No need to panic. We can replace all replaceable keyboards with ease, well, not that easy actually but never mind.

What do we mean by ‘replaceable’ keyboards?

Well, your laptop keyboard is either an element on its own which can be replaced by removing the entire keyboard on a removable unit,  like the one in the photo above or, more difficult, it comes as part of the whole upper part of the laptop, known as the palmrest. If the former is yours then great, quite simple and reasonably inexpensive. If on the other hand it is of the latter then it’s a little more complex and takes a lot longer, not impossible, but longer…. And more expensive, sorry.

We’ll have a look and let you know. If you are in doubt, then just tell us your make and model of laptop when contacting us.