Laptop Bodywork Damage

Easily done, you know how it goes. You put your laptop down on the floor for just a few seconds and that foot of yours which is normally quite well behaved suddenly makes unwanted contact with your expensive pride and joy breaking it apart and rendering it useless. Or maybe you have forgotten it’s there on the table and swept it away off the table when practicing your best moves.

Whatever the reason, it can usually be fixed. No, we do not recommend jumping for the super glue and hoping for the best. Most likely it will need to have the entire plastic part replaced. If that fills you with horror and heading for eBay hoping to get a few pounds for you forlorn laptop then think again.

In the pictured example above this would seem to need a replacement lid, transferring all the good components to the new one. These are not that expensive and the same applies to a new base section, or Palmrest (keyboard section)

If your laptop is older than around 5 years then a brand new replacement might not be available but luckily we have access to thousands of spare parts, some might even be in stock!

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